If the walls could talk. What epic tales of Music City’s behind-the-scenes action would we witness? Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Curatorial Director Mick Buck has decades of hands-on insight into country's iconic roots, secrets and memorabilia. He’s the authority on how to curate the story of an iconic star, like Reba McEntire, in the newly opened “All the Women I Am” exhibit.

It’s Nashville. Songwriting capital of the world. You don’t have to look for the music. It’s happening all around you.

In dedicated-to-creativity Music City, to really get into the essence of what all the buzz is about, hit the venues. The Bluebird Cafe, the Station Inn or 3rd & Lindsley, where you can see The Time Jumpers jam with Vince Gill. Catch the vibe of The District. Learn from the past at Music City Walk of Fame and Nashville’s Music Mile. Wend your way into live tapings. Hear great music. 24/7/365. It’s Nashville. Music’s around every corner. More than 120 live music venues. Something for everyone.

Keep an Ear Open for Tennessee

Explore country's roots and secrets, and check out the Reba exhibit firsthand with Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Curatorial Director Mick Buck. Dig into Nashville’s music scene with Grammy winners The Time Jumpers, as Ranger Doug Green talks jamming with Vince Gill.